Old Saare


Estonians love the butters made by Saaremaa Dairy Factory. Our range includes butter mixes with salt crystals and those with herbs. But the undisputed favourite is good old ordinary butter. Do you know how many different ‘flavours’ Saaremaa Dairy Factory’s butters come in?

Milk from Saaremaa

Since 1 April 2015, Saaremaa’s cows have produced:


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Saaremaa cheese

Saaremaa is an exciting and idyllic island incredibly rich in plant and herb species. The plants and herbs give the milk of the cows grazing the local pastures a special aromatic flavour. We use only the milk of local cows raised and fed in picturesque Saaremaa meadows, for producing natural Saaremaa dairy products and cheese. The aromatic flavour of the local milk gives its touch to our cheeses.

Based on local traditions and on expert skills of our cheese makers passed down from generation to generation, we produce high-quality additive-free natural cheeses.

Cheese lovers prefer Saaremaa cheese!

New Recipes