The cheeses produced in Saaremaa are special.

We have a great advantage – the locally produced milk that we use.

The numerous plants and herbs growing in the island meadows and pastures give the milk a pleasant aromatic flavour, which gives its touch to our products as well.

We have always followed local tradition in producing cheese and butter. Our technology and production line have been developed in a way that enables us to maintain and rely on the heritage and expertise of our cheese makers. Our aim is to offer high-quality, preservative-free natural dairy products.

Most of the cheeses made in Saaremaa are Edam- and Gouda-type semi-hard cheeses, but there are also cheeses that are matured at higher temperatures in special cellars for over six months, which gives cheese a more intense aftertaste.

Another significant product group is smoked cheeses. The technology is based on the use of natural smoke only.

The cream that is left over from cheese making is used up for producing Saaremaa butter. The cream is pasteurised and after that it is processed in a continuous churning cylinder, then thickened, and stored in the storage house until dispatch.